The Law and Justice Academy at Pinole Valley High School moves beyond the old “vocational ed” model. Today’s high –demand, high –wage jobs all require post-secondary education, and we are addressing the need for student who are better prepared for a career and college with an emphasis on career preparation alongside traditional education.

    We emphasize rigorous curriculum in critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills, along with specific career technical skills. We are increasingly offering students early college credit in our pathways.

    All pathways focus on solid, broadly transferable skills that will serve students well even if they decide to go in another direction after high school.

    Students and parents choose a pathway option together during 8th or 9th grade. More information is available at wccusdpathway.org, along with a video presentation of the pathway.

    Pathway teachers work together as a team, to create connections between their courses and to embed real world projects. As a team, they can provide individualized student support. Most students say their pathway experience is like their school family and that it helped to give them direction and confidence.