• Fall  2012/2013 Report
    Student Population Projections Fall 2013 - 2021 By Residence

    The West Contra Costa Unified School District contracted with Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. (DDP) to update and analyze demographic data relevant to the District’s facility planning efforts. The purpose of this report is to identify and inform the District of the trends occurring in the community; how these trends may affect future student population; and to assist in illustrating facility adjustments that may be necessary to accommodate the potential student population shifts. The District can then use this information to better plan for the need, location and timing of facility or boundary adjustments.

    While reading this report, it is important to remember that this is a snapshot of current and potential student population based upon data gathered in Fall 2012/13. Population demographics change, development plans change, funding opportunities can change, District priorities can change, and therefore, new projections and adjustments to the overall Master Plan will continue to be necessary in the future.

    Download entire report (144 pages) here: Fall 2012/2013 Report