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    "We expose students to a variety of mediums in order to strengthen their communication skills, independence and willingness to challenge themselves."
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    Most of my work can now be found on the Student's Google Classroom page and you can see a calendar of assignments in the Calendar tab on the left side or you can directly load it to your Google Calendar Here. 

    You can sign my Syllabus and  recieve Google Classroom updates daily or weekly by filling out this Google Form


    Google Classroom:   https://classroom.google.com


    • Google Classroom codes can be found on my Clever Homepage for U.S. History


    The TCI textbook online is found on the student's Clever page (the letter C in a blue box in Chrome browser). It's a purple box.

    This year, this website will be used to hold information that is useful for the students and their parents / guardians.

    Important note: My new Syllabus for 2022-2023 is found on the next tab. Please sign the Syllabus here with this Google Form
    1.  If you are here for the first time, please send me a message by clicking on my Email above this message or copy and paste it into your email program.
    2.  All information needed for your class will be found in links below. Click on the blue underlined word to get the information.


      1. Daily Agendas are organized Monday to Friday. A weeks worth of lessons will be displayed at the top and then daily information, including work to be completed. ( a full week will be displayed and then, after each Friday, that week will be archived into links at the very bottom of the page.
      2. Do Now's are a set of 5 total questions only released each day and need to be completed before the student starts the class session when they 1st enter the classroom.
      3. Videos = I use Edpuzzle often to either introduce or help explain the topic we are currently studying.  It is very important to watch these videos when they are assigned as they will many times give the extra information necessary to complete an assignment. 
      4. The Links page will have links to the publisher's website, some general YouTube videos and then some sites which will have all sorts of information that you can use as research or examples to follow#  . 

    Any extra information that is helpful and informative will be included as needed.

      1. I hope that you can use this site to make your school year successful.

    Send me an e-mail message if you run into problems or need more information.

    Mr. Dunn

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