• Q.  When will I know my schedule for next year?

    A.  Students who are CURRENTLY REGISTERED in a WCCUSD school will receive their 2020-2021 school year schedule at WALK THROUGH REGISTRATION in AUGUST.

         Students enrolling from OUT OF DISTRICT will receive their schedule some time in August; an exact date is not yet known.


    Q.  How do I change my schedule?

    A.  You don't.  Once you submit your course requests in the spring, your schedule is out of your hands.  The scheduling process is long and complicated and includes random placement in classes by the PowerSchool software.  That's why counselors suggest you be very thoughtful when submitting your course requests.


    Q.  What if I retake a class in summer school?  How do I get moved to the next class?

    A.  Counselors will be notified by WCCUSD Summer School all completed courses and grades and will make adjustments in schedules BEFORE WALK THROUGH.


    Q.  I plan to take a class this summer at CCC.  How will you know to move me to a new class next year?

    A.  Once you finish your summer class, you must go on the community college site to get a copy of your transcript showing your name, the term (summer 2020), the course and course #, your final grade, and the number of units earned.  EMAIL a copy of that transcript to your counselor (mcouto@wccusd.net OR eric.medeiros@wccusd.net).  Counselors will make the necessary adjustments to your schedule once your community college transcript has been received.