• At Richmond High School, it's important for our students to learn about digital literacy! There are a few ways our students work to connect with our community. Feel free to follow our students, pictures and writing is produced by our own students.

    Facebook Accounts:

    Richmond High

    Richmond High College and Career Center

    Richmond High Alumni Network

    Twitter: @rhsoilers


    @RHSOilers - Official Account

    @RHSOilerCrew22 - Official account for our Freshmen Induction Program

    @RHS_Theater - Follows our theater production crew from CAPA.

    @RHS.2K20 - Account for Class of 2020

    @RHS2K19 - Account for class of 2019

    @RHS_LaRazaUnida - Account for La Raza Unida Club

    @RHSOilersBand - Offcial Account of the RHS Marching Band

    @OfficialRHSCAPA - Offciail account for our CAPA Academy

    @RHS_Garden - Official account for our Garden Group

    @HumansofRichmondCA - Digital blog of student expereinces around Richmond

    @Team841 - Official account for our Richmond High School Robotics Team 841