• Monitoring Student Progress
    Monitoring Student Progress is the responsibility of the teacher, the parent and the student. Keeping lines of communication open, honest and supportive will help ensure that our child succeeds at school. Teachers regularly communicate to parents through informal and formal conferences, notes and newsletters, class work checked and returned and homework. Parents are responsible for checking the child¹s backpack for homework and/or communications daily.

    Contacting a Teacher

    If your wish to talk to a teacher, please call/email/text DoJo, leave your number so the teacher can return your message or send a note to school with your child. Teachers will be happy to talk to you and will return your call as soon as possible.

    Conferences Between Parent and Teacher

    Formal parent conferences are scheduled in November; however, parent-teachers conferences may be held at any time during the school year if requested by the parent or the teacher. Please contact your child¹s teacher if you wish to schedule a face to face or telephone conference.

    Progress Reports

    Progress Reports are issued in grades 4-6 three weeks before the end of the trimester to inform parents of any substandard student behavior in academic, social or personal areas. The main goal of the progress report is to improve achievement and behavior thereafter.

    Report Cards

    Report Cards are issued three times during the year for children in grades 1through 6 and two times a year for kindergarten students.

    Parent/Teacher Communication

    On-going communications is an important part of your child¹s education. Regular communication provides an importunity for the parent to be made aware of the classroom curriculum standards, your child¹s progress in school, and methods to help your child succeed in school. The following scheduled events are means of providing the parent with information: Back to School Night September Parent/Teacher Conference November First Report Card Issued November Second Report Card Issued March Open House April Final Report Card Issuded June Further conferences may be requested by the teacher or the parent. Please call or send a note with your child if you would like to have another conference.

    School Hours

    See Bell Schedule