• Library

    Lupine Hills Seeks to provide students with an excellent selection of library books and supplemental resources. Each class will have scheduled visits to the school library. Students may check out one or two books at a time. The loan period is one week with an option to renew a book for an additional week. Parents are responsible for paying for lost or damaged books. Please help your child be responsible for the care and return of all books. Children who have overdue books will be excluded from library use.


    Technology at Lupine Hills School supports the life-long learning of students and staff. Computer software is selected to support literacy, mathematics, science and social studies curriculums. The staff at Lupine Hills Elementary School is dedicated to providing students and staff with the tools, knowledge, and access to the most up-to-date information for modern education and growth. Students are required to have a current signed Technology Agreement Form on file before they have access to computers. Sudents are not permitted to 'surf the web', except as directed by the teacher. Students who alter a computer or program will be excluded from computer use.

    Students may:

    • Create multimedia reports and presentations
    • Use on-line and site based research opportunities (Internet and CD-ROM)
    • Exchange ideas and information with other students in other cultural and socio-economic situations (Internet)
    • Develop and expand cultural literacy (CD-ROM)