• Rights and Responsibilities

    Student' Rights
    • To be treated respectfully and fairly
    • To have a safe, secure environment
    • To have a pleasant, orderly classroom
    • To have a clean, attractive building and grounds
    • To have the right to learn without distraction 

    Responsibilities of Teachers, Students, and Families

    Teachers will:

    Recognize and teach to the different learning styles of students

    • Provide a rigorous curriculum to challenge
    • Keep students and their families informed as to the classroom expectations and student's progress toward those expectations
    • Provide a safe and productive learning environment

    Students will:

    • Treat adults and children respectfully and fairly
    • Follow school rules and procedures at all times
    • Complete class work and homework in a timely manner
    • Be active participants in their education

    Families will:

    • Ensure that students attend regularly and on time
    • Provide time and quiet place for students to complete homework
      Assist the school by providing support when needed
    • Respond immediately to any school communication and assist the school by supporting our staff