Discipline Policy

    School Wide Rules

    1. No hitting, fighting, biting, kicking, play fighting, wresting, threatening or harassing.

    2. No swearing, spitting, using offensive language or gestures, wearing inappropriate clothing such as hats in buildings, short shorts, tube or tank tops, make-up, nail extenders, offensive slogans or any fad or fashion which may distract from the purpose of school or pose a safety hazard.

    3. No throwing inappropriate objects.

    4. No food or gum on the playground.

    5. No leaving the classroom, designaed play areas, or school grounds without authorized permission.

    6. No disrupting the education of others in class, on the playground, or in the auditorium.

    7. No stealing, defacing, or destroying school property or the property of others.

    8. No defying authority by ignoring or refusing to follow directions.

    9. No running or playing in buildings or corridors.

    10. No breaking school procedures.

    Zero Tolerance

    "The West Contra Costa Unified School District has established a Zero Tolerance Policy. Any student found in possession of weapons(real or toy) or other injurious objects will be recommended for expulsion."

    School Procedures

    When an adult tells a student what to do, the student will listen politely and follow those directions. Students may tell their stories later to their classroom teacher or when requested by the adult. The moment a student is being disciplined is not the time to talk back, even if the student believes that the adult is wrong. The student must do what he/she is told at the moment or risk increasing the original penalty.