• Students of the Week

    All of our Alpha Wolves are excellent students. To highlight this excellence, teachers nominate students weekly for a variety of reasons. Then students are chosen, one from each grade level. 

    Selected studets receive:

    1. Student of the Week T-shirt with the Lovonya DeJean Middle School T.R.A.C.K.S. (trustworthy, respectful, accountable, curious, kind, and safe) to success
    2. Certificate for Student of the Week
    3. Special perks such as:
      1. Cutting the luch line with a friend
      2. Discounts at special school events


    Diego 7th


    “Diego is doing excellent academically and demonstrates the TRACKS! He is accountable and respectful. I've also witnessed him being kind and trustworthy.”

    ~Ms. Valdez



    Sara 7th


    “She is a strong leader and diligent worker. She is a great source of inspiration for other young women.”

    ~Mr. Gonzalez



    D'Angela 8th


    “D’Angela is so courageous in math class. Today she stood in front of the class, and with assistance, helped the majority of the class figure out a fraction problem. She drew a picture on the board and took student responses on how to proceed to get to an answer.”

    ~Ms. Williams





    Bryan 8th 

    (Not Pictured)

    "He has faced adversity and is doing well at DeJean Middle School. He came to us from another school and has adjusted greatly. He takes responsibility for his actions, is honest and able to resolve problems."

    ~Mr. McGee


    Alfred 8th


    "Over the past two weeks Alfred has put in a great amount of effort in taking accountability for his academic success. His hard work has paid off! I'm incredibly proud of the effort he's put in and the positive changes he's made. Way to go Alfred!"

    ~Ms. Rygh


    Anthony 7th


    "He has helped other students with math, while always showing respect and kindness towards all. Thank you Anthony for following the DeJean TRACKS to success!"

    ~Ms. Peterson




    Jalyn 8th


    "His behavior has improved from last year. Jalyn is a supportive friend and follow rules, as well as thinks before making choices. Thank you for demonstrating the positive character traits by following the TRACKS as part of your success!"

    ~Ms. Maxwell


    Brannon 7th


    "Brannon demonstrates leadership in the classroom, and helps other students to remain on task. She is a positive influence and following the DeJean TRAKCS to success!"

    ~Mr. Gonzalez


    Mayelinda 7th


    "Mayelinda always arrives to class on time, prepared with her tablet and a smile. She works hard to complete her work thoroughly and on time. She is incredibly kind to her table mates by helping them iwth questions they have (especially with navigating Google Classroom). Mayelinda is such a positive role model in our class by displaying TRACKS everyday!"

    ~Ms. Rygh