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    The Accountability & Assessment Department provides important insight into the District through data reporting, mapping, and developing tools to make information more accessible to parents, the community, and other stakeholders. The department reports on demographics, student achievement, student engagement, school climate, parent & community engagement, basic services, and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) measures. We launched interactive data dashboards to organize and present District information in a way that is easy for the public to read and interpret. The department designs infographics and how-to-guides to help parents and the community understand and navigate complicated aspects of the educational system including the LCAP and assessments. Using GIS, the department creates and maintains district attendance area maps; supports enrollment projection reporting; and analyzes geographic-related data.

    The Accountability & Assessment Department also coordinates the administration and processing of all state and federally-mandated assessments, provides training and support for site test coordinators and principals at all 54 school sites, and maintains test security ensuring appropriate test administration and test preparation procedures are followed at all school sites.

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