• De Anza High School Coaches Directory 2020-21    Updated 8/10/2020
    Sport seasons will resume to normal calendar seasons after COVID-19.
    Sport Pratice Begins Coaches Name Position Levels Email
    Cheer Fall/Winter Monday, December 14 Tina McCarthy Head Coach All tmccarthy@plawp.com
    Cross Country Monday, December 14 Lance Thayer Head Coach Varsity/JV lance.thayer@wccusd.net
    Football Monday, December 14 Tyree Reed Head Coach Varsity/JV tyree.reed@wccusd.net
    Boys & Girls Volleyball Monday, December 14 Fou Mikaio Head Coach Varsity/JV fmikaio@wccusd.net
    Boys & Girls Swimming Monday, Marh 8 Lawrence Williams Head Coach Varsity lawrence.williams@wccusd.net
    Boys & Girls Tennis Monday, Marh 8 Lonnell Walker Head Coach Varsity coachwalk83@gmail.com
    Boys & Girls Wrestling Monday, Marh 8 Gary Ruther Head Coach Varsity/JV gruther@wccusd.net
    Boys Basketball Monday, March 15 Reginald Figgs Head Coach Varsity/JV/Frosh rfiggs@wccusd.net
    Girls Basketball Monday, March 15 Juan Alejandre Head Coach Varsity/JV Juanalejandre@att.net
    Baseball Monday, March 15 Brandon Fredzess Head Coach Varsity/JV deanzahsbaseball@gmail.com
    Boys & Girls Golf Monday, March 15 Lawrence Smith Head Coach Varsity lsmith@wccusd.net
    Softball Monday, March 15 Amy Turner Head Coach Varsity/JV amy.turner@wccusd.net
    Boys & Girls Track Field Monday, March 15 Open Please direct all quesitons to Lawrence Smith Athletic Director.
    Boys Soccer Monday, February 22 Eric Chandler Head Coach Varsity/JV chandler_ericj@yahoo.com
    Girls Soccer Monday, February 22 Lety Mendoza Head Coach Varsity/JV letymendoza20@gmail.com
    Boys & Girls Badminton Monday, February 22 Eric Chandler Head Coach Varsity/JV chandler_ericj@yahoo.com
    Athletic Director   Lawrence Smith     lsmith@wccusd.net