Greetings 2014-2015

Open House Together--Why have Open House in one place?  Because parents and community members get more out of their time.  We are starting at 6:00 with some performances that we think will impress, from our Choir to our award winning band to our cheer squad, fresh off their National appearance, we then move our evening to the Multipurpose rooms 28 (the Blue room), 29 (the Gold room) and 30.  We know that putting all of us within fifty feet means that we can be more proficient with our limited time.  Having parents search in the dark for a room number and then to leave seven minutes later to transition is not a very reliable guide to what your child is doing.  While we lose the element of seeing the actual room, teachers are more than happy to take names and numbers or arrange for a better time to do one-on-one conversation.  The ability to meet a teacher and then be walked over to the next teacher, or to meet a whole academy or a whole department will also allow for parents to meet next year's prospective teachers and to see what the future might bring.  We want it to be festive.  During a traditional open house, you may only see your own child's classmates, this way, everyone's together in one (or two or three spaces.  But those spaces are totally close).  We are going to have some breakout sessions, so that means that parents are also not wedded to a bell schedule.  Want to talk with the counselors?  Take a mid-evening break and do so.  Want to meet the contractor of Pinole Valley 2.0?  He'll be here too.  And lastly, if you want to spend less than 90 minutes, you can do that too.  We look forward to seeing you on Open House and as always want to hear what you see so we can help serve you better.