Greetings 2014-2015

We Appreciate--Teachers who celebrate their official week from May 1--May 5.  There is so much for us to be grateful for.  To be a great teacher is a gift.  To dominate your subject matter, to know it well enough to select which parts you can teach and students can learn is a significant skill.  Then to write a good assessment, to use that data to then decide what to teach next.  The best teachers are able to work both short term and long term to extemporize and to lay out a year's worth of instruction via syllabi that tell parents in September where their class is likely to be in May. Imagine if every student in every classroom submitted work?  The teacher could potentially have 150 papers to grade, or tests to mark or essays to read!  Then where does the time come from to prepare said lessons, and run copies, and download files and to and to and to......Teachers have limited time to collaborate and some of that time is already assigned on required tasks.  And let's not even mention the expectation to be a chaperone to a rally or do some adjunct duties at a game or a school dance.  In short, teaching is a major life committment, it is not for the faint of heart and not for the slow of effort.  We salute our teachers on the record this week, but know to honor them the other weeks as well.  Best teachers stay with you for a lifetime.  Take a moment to reflect on one of your own and then give them this week