DeAnza High School

Achieving Excellence

Student, Parent and Teacher Rights

Student rights are to:

  • Attend school unless removed under due process as specified in the Education Code
  • Attend school in a secure academic and social climate, free from fear or violence
  • Enjoy the full benefits of teachers’ efforts, undiluted by the disruptive student
  • Have access to an academic counselor
  • Be fully informed of school rules and regulations

Parent Rights are to:

  • Expect that students are spending their time in a safe, stimulating atmosphere engaged in productive activity under the care and direction of a dedicated staff
  • Have assurances that school personnel will at no time preempt parent prerogative
  • Be informed of District policies and school rules and regulations
  • Review your students record with a certificated staff member providing assistance

Teacher Rights are to:

  • Expect and receive the courtesy, respect, attention, effort and participation of all students
  • Have parental and administrative support when enforcing rules designed to provide the optimum learning environment
  • Teach with interruptions held to the absolute minimum
Last Modified on July 26, 2011