Cameron School

Early Intervention Program

Knolls Preschool Support Team

The Knolls Preschool Support Team serves preschool age children who meet state and district criteria as stated under Title V, Section 3030. A multi-disciplinary approach is used inthe diagnosis, prevention and remediation of learning and communication disorders (including hearing impairment) of preschool-age children with special education needs. Services provided include:

  • evaluation and diagnosis;
  • small group speech;
  • language and hearing therapy;
  • assessment and placement for special education day classes;
  • planning for future educational needs of the child;
  • parent education; and
  • demonstrations and training for students, interns, and other professional personnel.

Full team assessments and services for speech and language therapy, resource specialist programs, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychoeducation, and/or mental health purposes are offered. Cameron School also provides a vision specialist and an audiologist for vision and hearing screenings and consultation, as well as pediatricians for referrals and consultation.

A team of speech and language specialists case manage and provide small group therapy for pronunciation, language (including vocabulary, grammar, and social/functional use), voice, and dysfluency as specified in the developed goals and objectives in the child's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Bilingual speech and language specialists and instructional aides provide assessment and therapy in Spanish. Speech and language therapy is provided at Cameron School with bus transportation to and from the school, if needed. Speech and language specialists also travel to and provide services at state and district preschools, Head Start, children's centers, and some private preschools within WCCUSD boundaries.

Parent participation, education and guidance are facilitated by the Knolls Preschool Support Team through parent-teacher conferences, a parent library, resource and referral assistance to outside agencies, a parent/teacher group for fund-raisers and special activities, and a monthly parent support group.

Last Modified on August 5, 2011